Friday 2/20/09

For time.

50 x Ring dips
Gym loop
50 x Push ups
Gym loop
50 x Hand stand push ups
Gym loop

Gym loop sub is 400m run.

Post time to comments.

Some of you maybe wondering why the departure from the CrossFit Friday activities. I offer you this explanation. The CrossFit Fridays have done for CrossFit at West Point more than I could ever do with a blog or simple website. It has brought to the forefront CrossFit as an extremely effective way for you to physically train Soldiers and yourselves as you impart on your journey as leaders in the Army. For all of that I am thankful, as you should be. I would like nothing more than to see CrossFit Fridays back on this blog but as a CrossFit trainer and purist I want to make sure that we are staying true to what CrossFit is. Since Black and Gold CrossFit is an official affiliate, it is our responsibility to make sure that what we put on this site falls under the definition of CrossFit. For those of you who have read the CrossFit start up guide linked above, a lot of this will be regurgitation. For those of you who have not, you need to but here is a quick synopsis.

What is CrossFit?
6 words is the CrossFit prescription. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. We do not have a hard time with the first four words. Where I constantly see problems is with the functional movements piece. Let me be blunt. CrossFit is not a 30 minute full body circuit. Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of room for extended time muscle failure workouts but the movements must be functional.

What is functional movement?
Functional movements can be broken down into 8 elements. A functional movement really does all of these things or else it does not fit the definition of functional. This is what makes CrossFit different from what most of us know as a circuit training. For a movement to be functional it must be:
1. Natural. This means something that happens in nature. Dead lifts, squats, pull ups are all excellent example of this. You do these everyday whether you even realize it, most of the time with very little if any load.
2. UMRP (Universal Motor Recruitment Pattern). In even simpler terms, core to extremity power. Meaning I get my momentum from my core and use that to move weight at my extremities. A kipping pull up is a great example of this.
3. Efficient and effective. If movement is not the most efficient way to move the weight then if does not meet the definition of functional. This pretty much excludes any kind of isolation exercise like bicep curls or skull crushers.
4. Essential. Meaning you must to this to live. You must be able to stand up (squat) you must be able to get up out of bed (sit up) you must be able to get up off the ground (push up).
5. Compound or multi-muscular. Again, this kind of ties in with efficient. But all CF exercises use more than one muscle group. Flutter kicks, iron abs, planks, wall sits, crunches are multi muscular but are not efficient so also do not fall into this definition.
6. Elemental. This simply means it cannot be reduced any further. Think about a dead lift, I cannot find a more elemental way to move weight from the ground to the hang position.
7. SAFE. This is probably the most important. If it is not SAFE then you risk injury. Poor form = not safe. Get someone to watch you if you think your form is suspect.
8. Power=(F*d)/t. Each movement is designed to help you move large loads (F), long distances (d), as quickly as possible (t). Think about this. Does it matter whether you go up stairs one at a time, 2 at a time or more? You are moving the same amount of weight the same distance. The most efficient is the one that allows you to do it fastest. If you move the same amount of weight the same distance faster, you increased your power capacity.

I hear a lot of folks saying that they are doing is CrossFit and I have no doubt that they believe what they are doing is CrossFit. What I urge you all to do is help spread the right word. Please do not be self righteous about it but education is important. As always, I am available for more questions and will make the time to go over all of this or any movements in more detail as will any of the trainers.


SB said...

Could not have said it better myself.

usarmychick09 said...

subbed ring dips for assisted dips (had least assistance I've ever used!) and subbed HSPUs for holding static handstands. held for 5 min total on and off. Able to hold longer than the first time I did handstands.

Slowly improving, but great workout to help me keep working on upper body strength!

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

19:29...starting at about 22 the handstand push ups got really hard. I was doing them in sets of 3 and the last 4 were just singles. Felt pretty strong until I then. Ring dips wore me out a lot more than I anticipated. Good week this week. Well deserved rest coming up.

PTisFREE said...

Made up for lost time on the run. Getting better at the HS pushups.

Mac said...

18:45. Was really moving until I got to the HSPUs...and before I knew it I was doing sets of 3, 2, then 1. Did a couple of sets of shoulder presses to make up for mental weakness. TGIF!

dkeys said...

My range of motion for my dips and handstand push ups is still very restricted. I'm thinking of incorporating dips into my warm up (is that a good idea?) Subbed gym loop (need to figure out what that is still) for 400m runs on the track. Subbed ring dips for regular dips on the roman chairs. Wrists are still sore from last few workouts. Forgot to time it...amateur move. Great workout, see ya'll next week! On-On!

SB said...

good week of training.

RW said...


HSPUs took forever. I tried to increase my range of motion today which took longer.

Hampton said...