Thursday 2/19/09

Just in case your legs aren't smoked's another little treat.

For time.

5 rounds of:

15 x 135lb Dead lift
12 x 135lb Hang power clean
9 x 135lb Front squat
6 x 135lb Push jerk

Women Rx'd weight is 95lb

Post time to comments.

Oh by the way, Wednesday's WOD was supposed to be 4 rounds instead of 5. You all are welcome for the additional round, it only made you stronger. I promise this this one is Rx'd at 5 rounds. 3, 2, 1...Go!


Black and Gold CrossFit said...

24:20. This one really hurt after Tuesdays workout. I think some chalk could have made a real difference on the hang cleans. I was having a hard time with my grip.

Good turn out today. Was pleased to see some more women doing the WOD.

Fellas, I encourage you to talk to your all of your classmates and get them to come out. If we want to have real world class affiliate we have to have women participation. We have a huge pool of athletes here to pull from. Eventually, we should be able to put together a team and I think, be extremely competative at the National level. I hear folks all the time talking about CrossFit but by coming together we will all benefit.

dkeys said...

27:52. My forearms are shot from yesterday and I was feeling it in round 3. I had to scale my weight down to 95lb after the first set of dead lifts. I couldn't get 135 up safely for the cleans.

Good workout. Does anyone have any tips for NOT destroying my hands with the bars? I also had problems with my grip but don't know if its from weak forearms. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

20:30. Short on time between classes and I scaled after the first set of dead lifts to 95lbs.

There was a video of how to fix your grip on the main site about a month ago. It was posted on 22 Jan 09 its called Rip on Grip. It sounds little different but it works.

Anonymous said...

Great work out. Legs were hurting this morning. Hardest part was the hang cleans. Cant wait to see how my legs feel in the morning.

Dana said...


I was feeling a little sorry for myself throughout the workout. Agreed, hang cleans were the hardest part.
Ranger run today: 5 miles, 40 minutes. Should be fun.

MattF said...
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SB said...

24:09 but had to scale down a couple times in order to maintain any power.
95 lbs - Rnd1
75 lbs - Rnd2
65 lbs - Rnd3,4,5

Hang power cleans killed me.

RW said...


Hang cleans were the huge limiter today. Agree that chalk would have helped.

CMCD said...

21:45. That one hurt, but it was a great workout. I'm feeling it all over.

Quote from Colin Parker:
"I didn't come out this morning because I thought it would affect my ability to dance this weekend."

You can't make that stuff up.

MattF said...

RX'd 18:56

Felt better this morning than the other day.

usarmychick09 said...

first set at 65, then down to 45. had to make sure i got the cleans up.

around 20 min. would add 10 pounds if i did it again. still a great workout....felt it in the forearms a lot.

C V said...

so.... I screwed up this morning and slept though my alarm. unacceptable.

18:35 as RX'd.

I found a phenomenal website from the Canadian Army today. Great instruction how how to do the exercises, coach the exercises, differences in movements for males and females, using CF in the military, and more.

Use the boxes at the bottom of the page to navigate. The exercise instruction is under "combat fitness program" then "exercises"

C V said...
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VW said...

24 minutes with 115 lbs. Forearms are smoked.

Michael said...

Did Cindy with my company during UTT instead. 22 rounds. I think the last time I did this one was over Christmas and then I think I only got 14 or 15 rounds so a huge improvement.

DF said...


Forearms went numb in the middle of the 5th round.

will said...


2 rds at 135, 3 at 115

Hang cleans were the worst part. My forearms were still feeling the rope climbs from yesterday, and the bar was tearing up my hands. Gloves or chalk would have made it much better.

Mac said...

I'm another who did a Cindy today with the company. 24 rounds...none of the young bucks could hang, but some great work going on. I think Cindy was a great intro to CrossFit for a lot of people. Body weight exercises and a lung-buster for all abilities.

NM said...


N G said...

Did 3x3x3x3x3 shoulder press (55,60,65,65,65). 50x pull ups + dips. Legs were still SMOKED and I didnt want to be a drag in NYC for 100th night this weekend.