CrossFit Friday 2/27/09

After a brief departure from CrossFit Friday, Black and Gold CrossFit is proud to be back on board as CrossFit Nation leads the way in functional fitness here at West Point. One of the main reasons we do CrossFit as a big group is to provide you with resources on how to do this type of physical training with your platoons once you leave your Rock Bound Highland Home.

Meet in Hayes Gym at 0530.

Filthy Fifty (Sort of)

For time.

Station 1 (Hayes Gym)
50 x Pull up
50 x Box jump
50 x Push up

Station 2 (Basement)
50 x Squat
50 x Burpee
50 x Walking lunge (each leg)

Station 3 (3rd Floor)
50 x Wall ball (20lb ball, 10 foot target) sub=35lb plate thrusters
50 x Sit up
50 x Push press (45lb bar/plate or 20lb dumb bells)

Between rounds, run from your current station to the forth floor and then to the next station. This is an individual effort. Keep your time, post it accordingly.

Post time to comments.


Michael said...

32:07. Good return to CrossFit Friday, those burpees felt especially nice after the nice long fifty we did yesterday.

Roll Tide said...


Really need to work on my pullups. Took me forever to get them done.

Great smoker to end the week.

dan09 said...


Actually a little faster than my PR for the conventional Filthy Fifty because of the lack of double unders in this version.

Great workout. Proves the point brought up yesterday that CrossFit workouts can be modified pretty easily to accommodate a large group.

BrianH said...


Died at the end with wall balls and push press. Glad to see CrossFit Friday back on the schedule.

SB said...

26:49 as rx'd
great WOD....the 4th floor was a nice treat.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

28:20...I finished on the box jumps and literally busted my face on the final one. Probably cost me 10 seconds...maybe I should use the 80% rule since I got 80% of the way up the box before the epic fail. Great work this morning, I good way to finish up a tough week/month. Dan09 and ChrisV has the month of March so blame them if you are in pain for 31 straight days. They are going to program Spring Break too for those of you who are die hards.

C V said...

This one was fun. Stairs were a nice touch after the basement phase.

P.S. 50 box jumps suck.

NM said...


Lot of great work out there this AM. Enjoyed sharing the suck with many of you. As stated before, a great workout to take out to your platoon.

Looking forward to CV and dan09's March plan...

usarmychick09 said...

37:42 Subbed Assisted pullups. Those along with the burpees took the longest. Really good workout to start the weekend though!

PTisFREE said...

Legs and shoulders are smoked

indianamsmith65 said...


I hope they don't make Sandhurst teams count to fifty.

Will said...


Those burpees snuck up on me. Great workout.

nate said...


Accidentally switched sit-ups and lunges. Bad idea. Legs were so smoked by then it took me forever.

Tex said...


Had to sub 50x lunges each leg for the box jumps

Anonymous said...


Pretty sweet workout.