CrossFit Friday 2/6/09

2nd floor gym.

Come with a buddy and be prepared to share some pain.

No excuses Firsties!


Chewy said...

2 full rounds and half way downt the stairs in Rx'd 30 min

Plum said...

Since the first day I arrived at USMAPS during the summer of 2004, I’ve been internalizing the seven army values. While I don’t think I’ve done a better job of that than the average cadet, I do know two of my classmates that struggled with those values this morning. First, let us relook at the seven army values.

Loyalty – Bear true faith and allegiance to your workout group.

Duty – Accept responsibility for spending the night at the Firstie Club.

Respect – Don’t blow of your workout group because you’re hung over.

Selfless service – Don’t feel sorry for yourself, even if your bed seems more comfortable than the gym.

Honor – Live up to all the seven army values

Integrity – Be able to get up out of bed, even when you’re still tired.

Personal courage - The ability to face fear, and danger, especially when you feel like you have a good excuse to do otherwise.

Peter, Dana, I hope as we near graduation, you revisit these values and try to instill what you failed to live up to this morning.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Very nice call out by Plummy...I second that. My legs are sore, my back hurts and I have cotton mouth. Good news is, I also know I have heart. I know this because it was about to beat out of my chest this morning as I was climbing the stairs.

Pete--You are a Red Leg, we are known for being able to have a few beers and still perform the next day.

Dana--I definately expect more from a hard core Infantryman like you. Next time you want to sleep in just ask yourself, WWMD. (M=Mayo) or W for Wylie there if you want who both by the way were there this morning.

Sweet dreams boys.

Chris H(ugs) said...

1 full round as Rx'd. Worked in a group of three so we took a little more time to get through the workout.

After about the second flight of stairs I started to feel last night's firstie fermentations start to come back up. I've never had cotton mouth like I did this morning.

C V said...

Feel like I should call myself out. Yeah, I screwed up. Forgot to set my alarm and woke up at 0630. Busch League.

Vanilla Gorilla said...

1 full round plus the buddy carry. This was a good one and the buddy drag almost killed me.

Go Cubs said...

21-15-9 Power cleans and ring dips
Time: 8:05