Wednesday, 13 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - we will meet in the '62 room - please grab a kettlebell and medicine ball and incorporate it into your warm-up!  DRINK WATER - this one is a nasty one!

Equipment required - 1 x kettlebell per person (or dumbbell) and 1 x medicine ball; please help set-up 6 x sets of rings when you arrive.

Warm-up and instruction - we will split the group and give everyone a chance to practice
Matt will teach and coach kettlebell swings & goblet squats (Caleb McD is back-up)
Adam will teach and coach ring push-ups & weighted sit-ups

WOD starts NLT 0550

Bell Ringer (-)

21-15-9-15-21 reps of:
Kettlebell swings (53/35 lbs.)
Goblet squats with kettlebell
Ring push-ups - rings set about 6 inches off the ground
Weighted sit-ups (20/14 lbs. med ball)

Compare to: 29 AUG 2012

NOTE:  Scale as needed - you can substitute hand release push-ups for ring push-ups and use lower weight for KBS and squats.
NOTE2:  We may need to stagger start based on the number of folks who show up.  Big crowd we might need to start half at KBS and other half at ring push-ups.  After a few minutes, it will work itself out.

Post time to comments.


Nate said...

Unfortunately, wasn't able to make it.
Thayer's striking this week has me on my toes academically, so I had to finish a project at 5:30 this morning. Fun stuff.

R.K. Barker said...

That was pretty tough, but a lot of fun. Me and Jeff had a cat and mouse game going, chasing one another the whole WOD, it was good.
Had to scale the kb swings to Russians after the first set to keep up intensity, other than that as Rx'd. 15:57.

Matt said...


I got a 6 second PR on this one. I think I could have been a tad bit faster if I didn't have to mess with my watch. Luckily it never stopped.

As Rx'd: 13:12

Adam said...

Great work by those that braved a tough one this morning!!

18:15 as rx'd, about :45 slower than last time. Goblet squats crushed me again.

Mickey said...


American swings until the last 21 reps.

Goblet squats killed me.

jck said...

Sick this morning. Hopefully back tomorrow.

ErinM said...

Late posting:


Ring push-ups were a little pathetic...

(Warmed up with a 150 m ACU swim and pants inflation practice!)

jswobe said...


Took a three minute step backward. Not sure what happened there...