Thursday, 28 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - we are meeting in the 3rd Floor Weight Room.  Please arrive as early as possible to claim space.  It is a partner WOD, so pair up with a person of near equal ability.  We need to start the WOD NLT 0540 so we have time to finish!

Equipment needed - BRING YOUR JUMP ROPE!   Also, you will need a barbell, lifting platform, and a towel.

Warm-up and instruction - immediately upon arrival, grab a barbell with a light load and begin working on squat cleans.  Depending on how crowded it is, we may have a group demo or Matt and I will walk around to each group to provide coaching tips.


Partner Beat the Clock
Squat cleans (115/75)

With a constantly running clock, Person A does 1 squat clean in the 1st minute and Person B rests.  Once the 1st minute expires, Person B does 1 squat clean while Person A rests.  After the 2nd minute expires, Person A knocks out 2 x squat cleans and Person B rests.  After 3rd minute expires, Person B works and A rests.

Each person gets at least 1 full minute of rest between rounds.

Continue this sequence until neither partner is able to complete the prescribed number of reps in one minute.

NOTE:  If one person is unable to complete the reps in the designated time, the other person continues solo until they are unable to complete as prescribed.  The one minute for the partner who dropped out still applies.
NOTE2:  Scale as needed.

Partner Double-under Challenge - one person works while the other rests

For time:

Advanced:  500 D/Us total (each person does 50 and then switches with their partner)
Intermediate: 250 D/Us total (25 and then switch)
Beginner: 150 D/Us total (15 and switch)

Post partner's name, number of rounds complete for the beat the clock and time to complete cash-out to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

I partnered with Mickey. We got to 7 full rounds, I think Mickey failed on his eight rep and I completed 6 before the minute was out. I only got 57 double unders, I have a new rope, so I learned that means starting back at square 1. But, it's all good, my arm just looks like it received forty lashes. Rx'd.

Adam said...

Matt and I partnered up.

For the Squat Cleans I completed 8 rounds + 5 as rx'd and then did 9 power cleans just to feel like I did my part to keep up with Matt!

We did 500 x DUs in 5:45
Turning the rope got tough towards the end!!

Caleb McDaniel said...

Partnered with Brendan. We both got through the 7th round. I failed on the 4th rep of the 8th round. Lack of time allowed me only to do 50 LL unders. But 50 is better than 0.

Mickey said...

got up to the 8th rep of round 8 but couldn't get it up..

then 200 DUs in like 5:30 and then had to leave.

Matt said...


As Adam said, we tackled this one together. I completed 10 rounds + 5 as rx'd. The round of 10 killed me.

Double-unders were great except for round 4. I guess I lost focus. By the way, I highly recommend the cable speed ropes.