Wednesday, 6 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - today we will meet in the '62 room.

Equipment required - Bring a your jump rope and TOWEL.  When you arrive grab a kettlebell and medicine ball per person.

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will discuss kettlebell swings and give everyone a chance to practice.  Adam will discuss strict pull-ups and weighted sit-ups.  


For time:
15 x strict pull-ups
30 x kettlebell swings (53/35 lbs.)
60 x weighed sit-ups (20/14 lbs. med ball)
Ride 5 miles on stationary bike

Cash-out:  100 double-unders for time (3:1 single-under substitution)

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

batallion DAPFT/Make up APFT tomorrow morning..

Being the PDS has its perks!

Sorry I will not be able to make it, I will be up though!

Jeff said...


Had to do some jumping pull-ups at the end.... otherwise as RX'd

No cash out... early day at Columbia so I had to take off.

R.K. Barker said...

I had to cut out at the three mile mark, approximately 16:36. Rx'd. I'll try to make up the last two miles and cash out later and post the two mile time.

Hunter Norton said...

My timing might have had an error of about +or- 10 seconds because my bike shut off when I stopped to adjust my seat (rookie move)

Matt said...


As rx'd: 16:05
Cash out: 1:37

Adam said...

Hunter - hilarious on the 'rookie move' - I hate the bikes, but try to get the seat adjusted prior to starting.

Great to see everyone there getting after it on the bikes!!

16:03 as rx'd
Cash-out: 1:15

I still dislike the bike!!

Nate said...

Pullups weren't completely as rx'd and the 20-lb balls were all in use when I got to the situps, so I had to settle for 14.

Don't know why, but I forgot to do the cash-out.

jswobe said...

Can one treat this like a chipper...or should it be straight through...?

Adam said...

jswobe - keep a running time for the WOD with no time breaks for transitioning between events. Time starts prior to 1st pull-up and then ends once you hit the 5 mile mark.

Then rest a few minutes and then get after the cash-out.

I hope you are doing well!

jswobe said...

REALLY? Did you just tell me how to start and stop my clock??

How did you intend the sequence of the exercises to run? Finish one exercise and move on to the next, as listed, or can one treat it like a chipper WOD and break things into smaller sets to do in between the other exercises (such as the 60 situps)?

R.K. Barker said...

The time for my last two miles was 6:32, so that would put me at about 23:08.

Adam said...

jswobe...I see what you mean.. intent is to complete one exercise before going to the next. I had to take a break in the pull-ups and KBS (and nearly the bike!).

Adrienne said...

Went this afternoon and made a friend come with! 26:35 because I went RX and I had to do the pullups like 2 at a time after 5, haha.

Cashout was 2:40 for 300 singles.

jswobe said...

Thanks, Adam!

Now do push-ups!

jswobe said...

Finally got to this!

19:47 as Rx'd

1:12 for the cash-out

How the hell did you do it in 16 mins?