Thursday, 7 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - this morning we will meet in the 3rd floor weight room.  Please try to arrive as early as possible so we can claim some space.  It is also a partner WOD, so find someone of near equal size and strength. 

Equipment required - barbell with appropriate weight & towel

Warm-up and instruction - immediately upon arrival start your personal warm-up.  Matt and I will walk around and provide instruction and coaching for the thruster.  Additionally, I will take folks on a quick jog of the running route.


Partner Thruster Ladder

Person A - max reps of Thrusters (45 lbs.) until Person B returns
Person B - run 200 meters (3rd floor weight room to wall past Stairway to Heaven)
Switch roles and after each person has done both roles, add  weight (10/5 lbs.) to each side.

NOTE:  Keep a running total of thrusters complete.
NOTE2:  Scale as needed -  both men and women start out using the 45 lbs. bar and each round men will add a total of 20 lbs. and women add a total of 10 lbs. 

Post partner's name, total reps completed, and number of rounds complete (add associated load).


Nate said...

Did the WOD with Hunter.
Ended up between 110-120 reps total.

4 1/2 rounds... I only got up to 115 with the weight, though. Thrusters got pretty tough towards the end.

Caleb McDaniel said...

Worked with R.K. We got 122 reps at 45,65,85,105,125lbs. Great workout! I love it when we are able to combine weights with a some good cardio. Keeps the intensity up!

Adam said...

Matt and I partnered up and hit 175 reps as rx'd. We ended at 4.5 rounds complete @ 125 lbs. (which was pretty darn heavy!)

That one got tough, really quickly! Always a good gut check - drink water everyone!!

jck said...

101 reps with Nels. 125# on the last set.

Great workout. Even better that it was Sandhurst skip day

Adrienne said...

130 reps with Beatriz. Did the first round at 45 and the rest at 55.

Mickey said...

went in today and the gym was too crowded so i made up the WOD from yesterday.

Rx'd 15:24. Forgot about the cashout so i'll do that some other time.

jswobe said...

Did this solo:

11 x thrusters
Run 200 meters
**add 20-lbs each round

5 rds + 5 thrusters @ 145 lbs