Monday, 18 FEBRUARY 2013

Happy President's Day everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying the extra day off and getting a chance to relax!  Arvin will open at 0900 for anyone who is around WP and wants to get together.  I won't be able to link up, but if others can, please post to comments tonight so people can find a partner or two to work out with.

Today's WOD will be a bit different and give everyone a chance to experience a bit of a longer WOD.  You will get to run on tired legs and then get to squat on tired legs.  As always, know your limits and don't try to lift more or run further than you are capable!!

Buy-in:  Back squat 5-5-5 for load

WOD:  Run 3 - 5 miles for time.

Cash-out:  Back squat 5-5-5 for load

NOTE:  There is NO time component to the back squats.  Take your time to properly warm-up for the buy-in and rest as needed between sets.
NOTE2:  After you return from the run, take no more than 5 minutes to transition back to the cash-out.

Post loads for buy-in and cash-out and distance/time of the run to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

135 pounds for the buy-in. I ran the Lee Gate route-a bit chilly. 21:39. Once I was back in the weight room I cashed out at 135.

Adam said...

RK, it was cold out there this morning!

I did 165-175-185 for the squats and then ran 4 miles in approximately 28 minutes with my buddy Lou. It was too cold to take my dog.

Cash-out: 165 x 3 sets. Legs were smoked from the run!!

ErinM said...

21 Gun Salute with some buddies from my company and my brother.

Each partner does 2 rounds of (21 pullups, 21 burpee box jumps, 21 buddy carry squats, 21 burpee box jumps, 21 pullups). One rests while the other works.