Friday, 22 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - It's Friday...come on down for a great smoker to end the week!  We will meet in the '62 Room and then move up to either the 2nd or 4th floor basketball courts to get after it.

Equipment required - Wrist watch, jump rope, and motivation!!

Warm-up and instruction - we will go through a few warm-up drills, stretch our legs, practice double-unders, etc. before getting after it!


Sprint and double-under ladder. (**you can start dry-heaving now!)

Sprint to half court of the basketball court (approximately 15 meters), touch floor, and run backwards to start point.
10 double-unders (3:1 single-under or 4:1 jumping jacks substitution)
Rest time equal to time it takes to complete.

After each round, add 1/2 court and 10 double-unders.  Time each round and continue to rest the same time it takes to complete the round.

For example:
Round 1 - Run to half-court and back, 10 double-unders, rest time total for Round 1
Round 2 - Run full court and back, 20 double-unders, rest time total for Round 2
Round 3 - Run full court and back, then half court and back, 30 DUs, rest...
You get the idea!!

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

deadlift and press today. thus starts my Monday and Friday heavy days. hope everyone has a great weekend.

R.K. Barker said...

That sucked. Double unders took me forever, and my rope kept breaking. The climax was when it went flying out of both handles and down the court when I was on 59 of 60. I need a new rope. 6 rounds.

Adam said...

lots of great work on the double-unders this morning!! 2 x broken ropes show that the ropes are getting a lot of use!!

I completed 8 rounds + 1.5 court lengths of the run. I was able to keep all double-unders unbroken through the first 5 rounds.

Have a great 100th Night (firsties)and everyone else have a good weekend!

Nate said...

I did 7 full rounds and finished the full 4 laps of the 8th round.
I tried double unders for the first 10, but it slowed me down a lot. Single unders for the remainder.

My rope didn't break, but I'm in need of a lighter one. Double unders are rather difficult with this one.

jck said...

Completed 8 full rounds with 30 seconds left in the workout.
Rope broke. Something else i'll have to buy along with that pocket square.

Hunter Norton said...

9 rounds plus 3 lengths. Single unders

Caleb McDaniel said...

Well after being on PT profile, APFT, and Boxing bouts I was able to go workout this afternoon. I completed the runs on the 9th round and got 10 double unders. Its amazing how many more double unders you can do when it is not 0530. Anyways, probably none of yall will see this but I should be there Monday if all is well.

jonathan silk said...

6 rounds plus 1 courth length. all single unders!