Tuesday, 19 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements:  Welcome back from the long weekend!  We will meet up in the '62 Room and then move to Hayes Gym if it is too crowded.

Equipment required:  well-hydrated athlete and motivation.

Warm-up and instruction:  Adam will demo each of the movements and give everyone a chance to practice each.


5 x pull-ups
10 x push-ups
15 x air squats


5 x knees to elbows
10 x hand release push-ups
15 x jump and touches (half squat and then jump and touch an object 12 - 18" above your reach)

Post number of rounds complete for each of the AMRAPs to comments.


Mickey said...

APFT tomorrow so i'm trying not to be too sore.

Adam said...

A small, but mighty crew this morning! Mickey - good luck on the APFT, I know you will crush it!

6 rds + 4 pull-ups as rx'd

and then

4 rds + 4 jump touches as rx'd

I'm glad that was a short one because it got tough, especially the jump touches! The middle bar never felt so high!!

jonathan silk said...

I got 4 full rounds plus 5 pull ups

and 3 full rounds. That was a fun one but tough!

ErinM said...

1st: 5 rounds + 7 push-ups
2nd: 3 rounds + 7 HRPU

I definitely flailed at the jump touches!

Nate said...

7 rds + 5 pull ups, rx'd.
5 rds + knees to elbows & pushups, rx'd.

I have to agree about the jump touches being tough.

Adrienne said...

4 rds + 5 pullups
4 rds + 5 knees to elbow

Agreed on the jump touches!

Matt said...


A late posting today.

As Rx'd: 8 rounds + 7 push-ups
5 rounds + 3 push-ups

jswobe said...

6 rds + 1 rep
5 rds + 20 reps