Tuesday, 26 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - today we will meet in the  '62 Room, warm-up for a bit, and then move up to Hayes Gym for the WOD.  For all the non-West Point followers of the B&G blog, I apologize for another West Point specific WOD...improvise with what you have available at your location!!

Equipment required - motivation!

Warm-up and instruction - we will move up to Hayes and give everyone a chance to practice each of the movements.  I will let some of our rock star cadets demo each event and provide DPE-quality insights on how to execute each obstacle.



Go through the tire
Across the balance beam, do a front roll
Climb over the wall
Horizontal ladder (AKA monkey bars)
Climb the rope
Run 2.5 laps (first lap with medicine ball, second lap with baton, half lap without anything)
Rest 1 minute (enough time to walk to start another round!)

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Adam said...

I will unfortunately miss in the morning. My wife's flight gets in at 2355 tonight...so I won't be home until LATE!

Nate said...

Unfortunately I probably won't be there tomorrow either. I have platoon PT, so it's possible I could get it in before breakfast depending on when we end, but I'm not counting on it.

Adrienne said...

Four of us showed up this morning!

I did 4 rounds and had a little time to spare, but I ripped off a callus and decided I wasn't going to tackle the monkey bars another time with a bloody hand. Good workout though!

Adam said...

Adrienne - YOU ROCK! Sorry about your hand, but glad a small, but mighty crew was there!

I will be there tomorrow...2 days off is killing me.

jonathan silk said...

It was a fun workout, I finished four rounds just as time ran out. I stayed after to practice climbing the rope, tore up my shoes though.

ErinM said...

6 rounds + the wall of the 7th. Ran it with medicine ball, baton, and full half a lap.