Monday, 25 FEBRUARY 2013

Announcements - congrats to the Firsties on being less than 100 days to graduation - keep up the fire!!  We will meet in the '62 room of Arvin.  I will not be able to make it in the morning, my wife is out of town and I can't leave my little guy solo!!

Equipment required - dumbbells of various weights for Part 1 and medicine for Part 2.

Warm-up and instruction - upon arrival start your individual warm-up.  Focus on doing some air squats and push-ups to get your legs and arms warmed up.  Matt will discuss points of performance for the two movements.


You can do a stagger start.

Part 1: Goblet squat ladder

You have 1 minute to complete 5 goblet squats.  Start with a 30 lbs. dumbbell (men) or 15 lbs. for women.  After you successfully complete 5 goblet squats, rest the remainder of the minute and then add 10 lbs. to the load.

After you can no longer complete 5 goblet squats in 1 minute, you are done.

NOTE:  Dumbbell starts from the ground.

Rest 2 minutes and get ready for Part 2.

Part 2: Weighted pull-ups beat the clock

For Part 2 you will do 1 weighted pull-up (20/12 lbs.) the 1st minute and rest the remainder of the minute.  Then do 2 weighted pull-ups the 2nd minute and rest remainder.  Continue this sequence until you cannot complete the required number of weighted pull-ups in the time prescribed.

NOTE:  Scale as needed, but the focus is doing weighted pull-ups, not a high volume of pull-ups.  Yes, if it were unweighted you could do a whole lot more, but that isn't the intent of this WOD.

Post max loads for Part 1 and number reps for Part 2 to comments.


Nate said...

Woke up feeling under the weather... should be back tomorrow or Wednesday.

Caleb McDaniel said...

I got to 100lbs on the squats. Could have gone more but we ran out of dumb bells. On the pullups I believe that I got to the 4th round for a 30lbs dumb bell. That quickly became difficult to hold. I then started doing strict pullups without the dumb bell and got to round 7.

R.K. Barker said...

Logistics was an issue with the squats. I got up to 100 lbs and then used a 55 and 65 (they were available) and did dumb bell deadlifts, then again with two 75s, but it just didn't work. Got to 6 with a 30 lb dumb bell, there were pretty much no medicine balls, grip was gone after that.

Mickey said...

squat and bench mondays.

Matt said...
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jswobe said...

I modified this a little, based on everyone's feedback.

I started w/ 50-lb goblet squats and added 10-lbs per round until I got to 100, at which I started using the bar w/ plates and just added 10-lbs to the bar each round.

I stopped at 165-lbs. Changing the weights got to be the biggest time factor and seriously reduced my rest periods.

I failed on round 7 of the pull-ups. Holding the med ball was the hardest part...