Tuesday, 2 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point MWR presents "West Point WOD for Warriors", 9 November 2012, Friday evening here at West Point.  MWR is looking to expand beyond the typical 5 km races and the event is open to all Cadets, members of the West Point community, and the surrounding area (NYC, etc.). Mark your calendars now!  Registration is coming soon - for $30 you get a t-shirt & a spot in the competition held at Building 500 (near the hospital).  There will be both a recreational and competition division.  Within the recreational division, there are scaled options for all ability levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - so even if you are not ready to throw down as rx'd on the WOD, you can still compete, and get an awesome West Point WOD for Warriors t-shirt.  The Competition division will be as prescribed, performance judged by a grader, and athletes will compete for various prizes.  If interested in helping out as a grader (can still compete in recreational division), please let me know - blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com


Due to the post-wide suicide stand down and associated modified schedule, we will not have the morning crew in the morning!  that being said, everyone should find time to make this one up!!!  Even if you can't make it to Shea Stadium, do 2 x Comm's loops and find a nice patch of grass for the push-ups and sit-ups.


APFT - CrossFit style!
4 rounds for time:
30 x push-ups (full range of motion, don't cheat yourself!)
30 x sit-ups (APFT standard - anchor your feet if possible)
Run 800 meters (2 laps)
Rest 1 minute

Compare to:  6 SEPT 2011

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Matt said...


I went early this morning to make sure I got it in. I improved by 1:33.


JC said...
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JC said...

20:46 (PR) - 1 minute improvement

800m Splits: 3:14, 3:09, 2:58, 2:49

Not particularly happy with the first two, but happy that I negative splitted every set.

Adam said...

it was great to see Matt and JC getting after it this morning despite the early start!

22:31 which is :44 faster than last time.

800m felt long and slow for me!

Mickey said...


Did it inside Arvin w/ gym loops and ab mat situps.

good thing Bovard was there to push me otherwise I wouldve been much slower

Andrew Pilkington said...
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Andrew Pilkington said...


Ran the 800's outside around daly field. i think they might have been a little shorter than 800m

jswobe said...


Wow. What's wrong w/ me???