Wednesday, 10 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point WOD for Warriors - sign-up at:

Equipment needed:  1 x barbell per person + hang rings approximately 6 - 8 inches off the floor

Warm-up and instruction:  We still start off with a demo of the 2 movements for today's WOD.  We will split the group in half and learn about/practice squat cleans (Matt) and ring push-ups (Adam).  After 5 minutes of each, we will switch groups.


The first part of the WOD will go fast, so if we have a big group, we will run multiple heats since the ring push-ups will be the limiting factor.

3 x squat cleans (135/95)
6 x ring push-ups

NOTE:  Scale as needed....135 is stout!  Also, ensure you get full range of motion (hips below parallel) on the squat cleans!!!!

rest 2 minutes and then head up to Hayes Gym track

10 rounds for time:
Run 1 lap
Rest 30 seconds

Post number of rounds complete and then time for run to comments.


Mickey said...

5 Rounds + 2 cleans Rx'd

Didn't have time for the running part because of haircut inspection. I'll make that up later today.

Adam said...

sorry to have missed this morning. I made it up in the home gym and got destroyed by the squat cleans. Bad form + no bumper plates - motivation of morning crew = lackluster performance!!

I don't have rings, so I sub'ed 12 hand release push-ups for the ring push-ups.

2 rounds + 1 clean @ 135 w/ HRPU sub


R.K. Barker said...

Had to cut today short to get back in time. Found out this morning all Plebes in the minute platoon have to call minutes, so I will have to cut the rest of the WODs extra short this week, stinks.

Today was fun though.

6 rounds @ 95 pounds
4 rounds in 3:20.98

Matt said...


We had a small but strong group this morning.

As Rx'd: 6 rounds + 1 clean.
Run: 8:59

JC said...

Did a double today to make up for missing yesterday's WOD

9/10/12 - 10:31 as rx'd

10/10/12 - 7 rounds: dropped down to 95lb SC to compensate for WOD 1 and keep up the intensity.

10 Hayes laps 24 - 29 secs

15 Turkish get-ups - 5 w/ 27lb kb and 10 w/ 10lb DB

jswobe said...

6 rounds, RX'd
(got tougher than I expected sooner than expected...)

10 RFT: 8:24
(no Hayes track, so I subbed a 122m sprint for each lap...about 16 meters short of Hayes)