Monday, 22 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point WOD for Warriors - sign-up at:

Tryouts for the Army vs. Air Force CrossFit team will be held this morning in the '62 room.  If you've done Part I of the tryouts (5km run, deadlifts, and GI Jane) and reported your scores, then go to the '62 room at 0530.  If you are not trying out for the team, report to the 3rd floor weight room with MAJ Radik for the WOD.

Equipment needed:  5 x barbells at the power lifting platforms - we will have to double or triple up on each of the bars, so gather together with those of similar ability level.

Warm-up and instruction:  We still start off with a brief demo of each of the movements and give everyone a chance to practice each.  Matt will provide a demo and points of performance for the squat clean and then everyone will have a chance to practice.



Squat cleans

NOTE:  There is no component to this WOD, take your time and focus on proper form.  Ensure you are getting full range of motion (hips below parallel)!!

Post loads for each set to comments.


Adam said...

tomorrow morning, I am taking the morning off. I ran the Army Ten Miler this morning with a time of 74:23 (beat my goal of a 7:30 pace & beat last year's time by over 3 minutes). It was a great race, but I think my calves and feet will appreciate a day off!!

Also, there won't be any tryouts tomorrow morning, so MAJ Radik will be running the show with squat cleans in the 3rd floor weight room.

Have a good one and I look forward to checking out everyone's WOD results!

Mickey said...


Getting under the weight is not a problem for me. Getting it back up on the other hand is another story.

Good workout. Always love heavy days.

ErinM said...

Swam this morning with my platoon. Then took a swing at this one. Two weeks of field training = Erin struggling under the weight.

20 kg - 25 - 30 - 30 - 35 - 37.5 (1 rep))
(44 - 55 - 66 - 66 - 77 - 77 - 83)

Worked pull-ups and dips in between, and then finished with some bench presses.

R.K. Barker said...

I kept things light and even across to move quickly. I finished in a little over ten minutes, and it was good.

95 pounds

Matt said...


Good group this morning. I was very happy with effort and form.