Friday, 5 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point WOD for Warriors - if you are interested, register at:

Warm-up & instruction:  Matt will provide instruction and demo of kipping pull-ups.  Everyone will get a chance to practice for a bit.  


Beat the Clock - pull-ups!

Start with one pull-up and every minute on the minute increase the number of pull-ups by one until you are unable to complete all the pull-ups before the time expires.  Do whatever style pull-ups you prefer, but ensure you do full range of motion!!

Be sure to take care of your hands for this one!  Do NOT let your hands tear!  Use tape, use gloves, use chalk, use something!  If your hands get all torn up, it's not a sign of working hard, it's a sign that you didn't properly take care of your hands!  Be smart...tearing your hands takes you away from training for a few days!!

Compare to:  21 MAR 2011

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

16 full rounds of pullups + 13 reps in the 17th.

Took 1 round off and started pushups.

Made it about halfway through round 23.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Adam said...

15 rounds complete + 7 reps on 16 (127 total)

Significant improvement over last time where I did 13 rds and change.

I did push-ups from 18 - 23 minutes (123 push-ups).

Nice work by the morning crew - have a great weekend!!

Nate said...

9 full rounds of pullups... definitely need something to protect my palms next time so I can hit a few more rounds.
got to 16th round with pushups, made 11 more in the 17th round.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

R.K. Barker said...

12 full rounds of pull ups plus 10 in the 13th minute. I did push ups from 14 minutes to 20 minutes and had to go after that. A lot of fun.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Matt said...


I'll probably never again get as high as I use to on this one even though I'm stronger because I don't do the same weely volume of pull-ups as I did in the past. Regardless, I'm happy, and I only ripped in two places and only one drew blood.

18 rounds + 15 reps (2 pull-ups more than last time)

I moved onto push-ups. I skipped a minute or two, so in my first set of push-ups I did 4+20+21. I finished 24 full rounds + about 15 reps.

JC said...

13 rounds complete + 10 reps on 14

Pushups: 15-22 Minutes

ErinM said...

I haven't posted recently because I was trying out the Military Athlete program for a week. But I ended today with the pull-up WOD (though I didn't realize we were adding push-ups afterwards).

9 rounds complete + 5/10
Followed by 3 rope climbs.

Off to Southern France for a 2 week training exercise!

jswobe said...

14 rounds complete (+ 10 or 11??)

Best ever on beat the clock...