Tuesday, 16 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point WOD for Warriors - sign-up at: http://w4w-wp.eventbrite.com/

Equipment needed:  1 x barbell per person + reflective belt

Warm-up and instruction:  As part of your personal warm-up, grab a PVC pipe and work on overhead squats.  Concentrate on full range of motion and keeping those arms locked out.  We will then spend about 10 minutes practicing each of the movements.  Matt will demo and coach the overhead squat and Adam will demo and coach ground to overhead.


For time:

15 x overhead squats (95/65)
Run 1 mile (Lincoln Hall loop)
15 x ground to overhead (95/65)
Run 2 x Comm's Loops (800 meters)

NOTE:  On ground to overhead you can use any method you would like to get the barbell from touching the ground to locked out overhead.  Snatch, clean and jerk, modified thruster, you name it, just do a movement that is safe!!!  The barbell must touch the ground at the end of each rep in order to count.

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

0500 meeting w/ TAC.. wont make it in for the workout.

Matt said...


Due to the closure of the 62 Room we modified this morning. I heard from someone that they could be moving the CrossFit stuff to the basement. I'm not sure where, but I guess we will find out. Sub'd HSPUs for OHS and burpee pull-ups for ground to overhead. The runs stayed the same.


Adam said...

sorry for the change of location and different workout, but the closure of the '62 room today was unannounced! I was also told that tomorrow things will be open once again...but it might be a bit different. So stay flexible my friends, we will adapt and overcome!

15:26 on the modified WOD

Tex said...

From JCOP Terezayi, RC East, AFG:
As rx'd (runs on treadmill with grade set to 1 of 14)

Run 1: 6:27
Run 2: 3:25

Unbroken OHS, but GtO were broken into 6,6,3. The small steel plates made the GtO especially deep to touch the ground every time. Great workout.