Tuesday, 30 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements - Code Red was declared on Monday at 1200 in response to Hurricane Sandy and I HIGHLY doubt they will lift the Code Red prior to 0530 on Tuesday.  Therefore do this WOD at some point on Tuesday when the gym is open and you have time.

Stay dry, stay safe - Beat Sandy!


7 rounds
7 x power cleans (135/95)
7 x strict pull-ups/chin-ups*
Rest 2 x work (rest an amount of time twice as long as it took you do to the cleans and pull-ups)

NOTE 1: * Alternate between strict pull-ups (palms facing away) and strict chin-ups (palms facing you)
NOTE 2:  Time stops after your 7th set of pull-ups (do not count last 'rest' time after Round 7)
NOTE 3:  Scale weight as needed!

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

I hope everyone weathered the storm without incident. Lots of wind and tree branches down in Stony II, but nothing significant.

I did the WOD this morning in my gym and had to cut it off at 5 rounds due to time. I grossly underestimated how long this would take.

5 rounds @ 135 in 24:47

The power cleans were tough and the pull-ups afterwards were just down right wrong!

Allow yourself a good 30 - 45 minutes to do this one! I wish I could have done the final two rounds.

Mickey said...

oh god. hopefully i can get this one in today.

Grappled for an hour with a dude 20lbs heavier than me. ended the period with 7 minutes of straight grappling. no submissions, but i kept the dominant position for most of the match.

ran a quick gym loop mile after: 6:07. probably could have gone a little faster but there was a lot of traffic on the stairs when i was going down.

JC said...

Modified for time and resource constraints:

7 Rounds
7 x Squat Cleans (40lb weight bag)
7 x Pull-Ups
No Rest


Matt said...


I did it at home after work. Because of time, I didn't put the rest in. I did 135 pc and chest to bar pull-ups.