Monday, 8 OCTOBER 2012

Happy Columbus Day!  In order to improve in all domains of life, I've attached a link of information on Columbus Day.  Check it out and increase your knowledge of this controversial federal holiday!  Since may folks are out and about for the long weekend, we will do a WOD that anyone can do anywhere - the only thing you need is some motivation!!!

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue!  In 2012, we will run to improve our metabolic conditioning and aerobic capacity!!  Note - if you have access to a boat or Concept 2 rower, feel free to substitute the run for a row!  (2 km row sub)


For time:
Run 2 miles
Rest 5 minutes
Run 2 miles

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

34:37 on a chilly morning! I ran the APFT 2 mile course with 13:17 for first 2 mile and 16:19 for second 2 mile.

I pushed it hard on the first 2 mile and then was smoked for the 2nd time. I really went into jogging mode!!

Mickey said...

14:50 2mile.

Practicing strict POSE method which slowed me down a little bit because I was thinking too much.

Decided to head in after that, feeling a little bit run down and didn't want to push it in the chilly air and get sick.

Matt said...


I did the WOD this afternoon at the APFT course. My goal one the first 2 mile was to go as fast as I could without "sprinting" at the end. The 2nd 2 mile I worked on going hard at the end. I learned something about my 2 mile from this.

1st: 13:35
2nd: 14:06

JC said...

Ran through Stony 1 and 2 for my 2 milers:
Took me awhile to warm-up today. First two mile was a lot slower than I wanted. The second one felt a lot better.

1st: 14:47
2nd: 13:15

jswobe said...


I'm not sure my Google-mapped course was a full 2 miles.