Thursday, 1 NOVEMBER 2012

Announcements - Beat Air Force!

Equipment needed - set-up rings and grab a set of dumb bells and a weighted bar (near the sit-up mat) per person.

Warm-up and instruction - Matt will demo and coach the Ground to Overhead with dumb bells and Adam will demo and coach the overhead squat.  Everyone will have a chance to practice each movement.  We will start the WOD NLT 0550.


21 x ground to overhead (40 lbs. dumb bells - scale as needed based on ability and equipment available)
21 x ring dips
21 x overhead squats (black weighted bar - heaviest you can do)
Run 2 x gym loops (800 meters)

Post number of rounds complete to comments. 


Mickey said...

was going to come in and work on bar muscle ups and such so naturally they had a health and welfare this morning.

lucky me!

Still have combatives after, going to run after that.

JC said...

10 seconds short on a complete 2nd round.

Scaled GTO to 35. Definitely gave me the extra boost I needed to keep the intensity up.

Adam said...

Wow, that one kicked my butt!!

1 round + 50 meters into the 1st gym loop w/ 40 lbs. dumb bells.

Ring dips were the toughest!!

Matt said...


My goat on this one was GTO. I used 45lbs because that is all that was left. Ring dips weren't bad, and OHS were nothing (relatively).

1 round + coming down the stairs on my first gymloop.