Wednesday, 31 OCTOBER 2012


Meet at the 4th floor entrance to Thayer Hall at 0530...if you dare!

Uniform is PTs - you do not need to bring anything else with you.


 See you at 0530.

Post time to comments.


R.K. Barker said...

Sorry! I slept right through my alarm to get me up in time to come, and woke up to a roommate's alarm just before 6. I'll definitely be by tomorrow though to practice some movements.

jck said...

Happy Halloween

2 rds + air squats + 1 pushup

Adam said...

RK you missed a good one!

Great to see Jared, Mickey, Matt, and Matt this morning!

2 rds + 17 push-ups on the 3rd floor

Adam said...

For those you couldn't get their lazy bones out of bed this morning, here is what you missed:

Start in basement of Thayer
31 x air squats
Run stairs to 3rd floor
31 x push-ups
Bear crawl width of hall
Sprint length of hall
Burpee broad jump width of hall
Sprint length of hall
Down to basement
Repeat as above, but go to 4th floor and sub crab walk and lunges for bear crawl and burpee broad jumps.
This is ONE round.

Mickey said...

2rounds + squats, pushups, bear crawl, and 2/3 sprint

That was a smoker for sure

Matt said...


"Sprint" is a strong word to use for the run in this one.

2 rds + up to and completed the burpee broad jump of the 3rd rd.

JC said...

Adam - Looks like a good one!

1500m row - 5:30
Power Cleans @ #95 - 30

8 x 200m - 1:00 rest