Monday, 29 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements - there is a hurricane coming, so be flexible if the gym is closed one of these days.  If the power is out, then you will need to do an alternate WOD in your room!

Equipment needed:  Jump rope & serious motivation!!!!!


Today is a blast from the past and an EXCELLENT opportunity to work on double-unders!!

500 x double-unders for time (yep, that's it!!)

NOTE:  If you can't do double-unders you have a few options:
1)  3:1 sub for single-unders (that's 1,500 total!)
2)  Practice double-unders for 20 minutes and record how many you can do in that time.
3)  Do a mix of singles and doubles until you reach 500.

Compare to: 14 NOV 2011

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Mickey said...


Tried to keep a 50/minute pace. Seemed to work for me.

Improved from last time because i can actually do double unders now

Adam said...

Nice work Mickey - Happy Birthday!

Mickey is living proof that if you practice double-unders routinely, you can make tremendous improvement! It takes hard work and DAILY practice, but once it clicks, it clicks!!

9:10 (3:30 improvement over last time)

I did: 100/50/50/50/50/40/10/30/20

Rested about :30 between each set (except at the end)

Not sure I can go much faster!!

R.K. Barker said...

I only got 201, and it took 12 minutes...I need to work on those, and certainly will.

JC said...


Way to Adam and Mickey, you are beasts.

I suffered through with no ryhthm to my efforts. Definitely took a toll on the time. Looks like I've got some significant room for improvement on the next attempt.

jck said...


Nate said...

Requiring much more practice when it comes to double unders, I opted for the 20-minute combo of doubles and single. I got in 281 doubles and at least 2-3 times that number in singles. I had a few decent streaks for the double unders, but it's definitely going to take a little more work to get them down good.

Matt Radik said...
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Matt said...



That was actually kind of fun in a sick twisted way.

jswobe said...


Better than last time (~2 mins), but not as fast as I wanted.