Monday, 1 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point MWR presents "West Point WOD for Warriors", 9 November 2012, Friday evening here at West Point.  MWR is looking to expand beyond the typical 5 km races and the event is open to all Cadets, members of the West Point community, and the surrounding area (NYC, etc.). Mark your calendars now!  Registration is coming soon - for $30 you get a t-shirt & a spot in the competition held at Building 500 (near the hospital).  There will be both a recreational and competition division.  Within the recreational division, there are scaled options for all ability levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - so even if you are not ready to throw down as rx'd on the WOD, you can still compete, and get an awesome West Point WOD for Warriors t-shirt.  The Competition division will be as prescribed, performance judged by a grader, and athletes will compete for various prizes.  If interested in helping out as a grader (can still compete in recreational division), please let me know -

Equipment needed:  1 x medicine ball per pair; after the WOD, select a kettlebell of your choice

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes - split group in half for 5 minutes of instruction on each event.
Kettlebell swings - demo and instruction (Matt)
Wall ball shots - demo and instruction (Adam)

WOD:  Today's WOD is a partner WOD, so pair up with someone who is about your same ability level and get after it!

20 x wall ball shots (20/14) at 10' target
Switch with partner and rest until they complete 20.

NOTE: After each person has completed 20 WBS, that is ONE round complete.

Rest 2 minutes and then do the cash out challenge.

Kettlebell swings - select the weight of your choice

Post partner's name, number of rounds complete for the partner WOD, and then weight and reps completed with the kettlebell swings.


Mickey said...

6 rounds + 10 reps for the first workout.

partnered w/ bullock

33 reps w/ 53# kettle bell after.

destroyed me

Christopher Johnson said...

Worked with Jared Kayajan- 7 rds + 10 shots from Jared.

45 KBS with 70# bell.

Adam said...

nice work by the morning crew! Matt and I did 7 rounds + 18 reps by Matt.

I then did 36 swings at 53 lbs. I was thinking of doing 70 lbs., but the wall balls smoked me!

R.K. Barker said...

5 rounds and 18 reps for Wall Balls.

Partnered with Andrew Soncini

24 reps with 53 pound kettlebell, need to get used to that weight.

Matt said...


As Adam stated, 7 rounds + 18 reps

As for the KBS: 35 at 70lbs

JC said...

Didn't have a partner so I went with a 1/1 work to rest:

7 rounds of work (40 seconds remaining in rest cycle)

2 min: 50 KBS @ 53
1 min: 35 KBS @ 26

jswobe said...

No partner, so did this as a 1:1 work-rest cycle (still AMRAP 11)

8 rounds complete (w/ 30 seconds remaining)

47 KBS @ 53#