Friday, 21 SEPTEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Black and Gold t-shirts are $20.  If interested, please let me know.  Sizes Small - XL available.

Equipment required: 1 x barbell per person with appropriate weight.  If we are short on barbells we will run 2 heats.

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes - 5 minutes with each group and then switch
Front squat - instruction and demo (Adam)
Push press - instruction and demo (Matt)


Today will be a bit different, but should be a fun challenge!

Front squat ladder:
For each round you have 1 minute to complete 3 reps.  Once complete with the 3 reps you use the remainder of the minute to rest and change weights.  Your performance terminates once you are unable to complete all 3 reps prior to the minute ending.  The bar starts from the ground.

Men start at 65 lbs., women at 45 lbs, and increase the load by 10 pounds each round.

after completion, REST a few minutes and then do the cash-out if you have time and motivation:

Push press ladder:
Start with 65/45 as above, follow the same procedures, but do push press instead of front squats.

Post number of rounds complete and weight for both ladders to comments.


Mickey said...

MAJ Grim: this workout is awesome. i can't wait.

jswobe said...

I'm w/ Mickey. This looks sick! Since I'm working a month behind, I'll be thinking about this one for the next month!

Mickey said...

Had a lot of fun today with this workout.

Don't know how many rounds, but i worked up to...
Squats: 165x1
Push Press 145x2

Squat cleans are looking a lot better

jck said...

Great Workout

Squats: 165x0
Push Press: 115x1

Adam said...

today was different, but I liked the challenge. The limiting factor for me (and many others) was the clean.

Front Squat: 155 (3), 165 (f)
Push press: 155 (2) - I wasn't able to clean it again for the last rep!!

Matt said...


This was a good one. I like that it made us do cleans. By focusing on the squat and not the clean, I was able to PR my squat clean. I probably could have gone a little higher, but my brain got in the way.

Squats: 185x3, 195(f)
Push Press: 165x1 and 2xjerks. 175x1 jerk.

ErinM said...

Limiting factor was the clean for me too.

Front Squat: 18 kg - 23 - 28 - 30.5 - 33 - 34.25
(40 lb - 51 - 62 - 67 - 73 - 75.5 - 78)

Push press: 18 kg - 23 - 25.5 - 28 - 30.5

Then worked on back squats:
5 sets of 5 (33kg - 35.5 - 38 - 40.5 - 43), 3 at 45.5

jswobe said...

Great WOD. Finally caught up to it!!

185 on the front squats

155 on the push press

NOT as good as I hoped for either movement...