Tuesday, 25 SEPTEMBER 2012

Announcement:  Please ensure you are hydrating well prior to the workout.  You should drink a lot of water before going to bed.  Right when you wake up, you should down at least a medium sized cup of water.  After the WOD you also need to drink a lot of water.  You need to be well hydrated for peak performance - it will help you during the WOD and will help you recover more quickly after the WOD!!

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person and BRING YOUR JUMP ROPE if you have one!!!

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes total - 5 minutes per group to learn and practice and then switch.
Overhead squat demo and points of performance - Matt
Double-unders demo and tips - Adam


15 x overhead squat (75/45)
35 x double-unders (3:1 single-under or 1:1 tuck jumps)

rest exactly 2 minutes and then

Run the Stairway to Heaven (start at the bottom & one round is going all the way to the top and returning to the bottom).

NOTE:  If you are not at West Point, you can substitute the Stairway to Heaven with stadium steps or by climbing 6 flights of stairs if available.

Post number of rounds complete for each WOD to comments.


Caleb said...

3 rounds rx of the ohs and du, thanks to haircut inspection I had to leave prematurely but it was good to be back and get a little workout in anyways.

Adam said...

it was great to see a big crew this morning - welcome to Nick and welcome back Caleb and others!

3 rounds + 30 double-unders as rx'd


4 rounds + halfway down on Rd 5 for the STH. I ran out of gas big time, otherwise I would made it down the stairs to complete 5 even.

Smoker this morning...legs are jello!

JC said...

Started the day with 6x800m repeats @ 2:48-2:55 with 1:30 active rest in between, and I hope to get to the WOD later today.

Mickey said...

3 rounds + ohs rx'd for the first wod.

4 rounds + halfway up on the second wod.

stairs absolutely killed me.

Joe W said...

2 rds +15 OHS + 7DUs, then 4 rounds and 4flights up on on STH. rx.
Really enjoyed this workout!

Nate said...

3 rounds + 8 ohs, singles instead of double unders - still trying to get the hang of those.
5 and (small) change for the STH. Stairs were a good finish, though they definitely left my legs feeling like jello. Great workout!

JC said...

Part 1:
4 rounds on the nose as rx'd

Part 2:
4 stairs away from the top on round 6

jck said...

Did the workout backwards

6 Flights of Stairs
Exactly 3 rds for workout with 45# bar.

Matt said...


As Rx'd: 4 rounds + 12 OHS

Stairs: 5 rounds + 1 floor

ErinM said...

No weight room access today. So:
Frustrating, because my splits for my 12:00 running test last week were faster.
Then 7 minutes of stadium seat running.

I also started French boxing tonight, which entails kick boxing.

jswobe said...

4 rounds complete

(Mod'd part 2 to AMRAP 7 - 15' rope climbs.)

14 rope climbs