Tuesday, 18 SEPTEMBER 2012

Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirts have arrived.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please email me at blackandgoldcrossfit@gmail.com.  They are $20 each. Specify size(s) [small - XL]

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person with appropriate weight;  If we are crunched for space and equipment, we will have 2 people per barbell.

Warm-up and instruction (10 minutes) - Split group in half with 5 minutes per group for instruction and practice and then rotate groups.
Power clean - points of performance and demo (Matt)
Thruster - points of performance and demo (Adam)

Buy-in/WOD - starts NLT 0550 - we will run 2 heats if needed.


AMRAP 2 - power cleans (115/85)

Rest no more than 5 minutes, then:


5 x thrusters (115/85)
5 x chest to bar pull-ups

Post number of power cleans completed and number of rounds of the WOD completed to comments.


Mickey said...

PC - 21 rx'd
Didn't leave enough for the next workout:

Amrap 7: 5 rounds + 4 thrusters

1st round Rx'd, scaled to 95# after that

Adam said...

PC: 17 (rx'd)
WOD: 5 rounds (rx'd)

Good times! Great to see a big crew this morning!

JC said...

PC: 17 (rx'd) finished with an even twenty after time expired.
WOD: 4 rounds and two thrusters (rx'd)

Wrestled with scaling as 115 is close to my upper limit for thrusters, but decided to stick it out. Tough, but glad I did. Now I've got to work towards 135.

ErinM said...

Hopefully will be able to do this one tomorrow. After running the Cooper test this morning, I did a slightly modified Murph.

75 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
A slow 51:59.

Matt said...


All as Rx'd.

Power Cleans: 21
WOD: three pull-ups short of 7 rounds.

ErinM said...

Posting late.
Power Cleans: 16 (25ish kg or about 55 lb)
WOD: 5 rounds + 1 thruster (scaled to 25ish kg and kipping pull ups).

Dave Palazzo said...

24 PCs as RXed. 6 + 5 thrusters at 95 lb. good to work out with cadets and faculty again.

jswobe said...

Power Cleans: 27

6.5 rounds complete

Great WOD...