Thursday, 27 SEPTEMBER 2012

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person with necessary weights

Warm-up and instruction: 10 minutes total - demo movements and then everyone practices each; this morning I will select cadets to demo and provide points of performance for the Air make sure you review in advance!!

Deadlift - demo (Matt) and points of performance (Adam)
Air squat - demo (randomly selected cadet) & points of performance (randomly selected cadet)


Today's WOD comes from Leigh Gust's blog.  They do some awesome WODs...check out their site.

For time and reps:

Max reps of push-ups
2 x deadlift (275/185)
50 x air squats (touch and go w/ butt on the medicine ball)
4 x deadlift
40 x air squats
6 x deadlift
30 x air squats
8 x deadlift
20 x air squats
10 x deadlift
10 x air squats
Max reps of push-ups

NOTE:  Scale as needed, the deadlifts are heavy!

Scoring - Convert your completion time to seconds.  Subtract the total number of push-ups from your overall time.  Like golf, a lower score is better.  For example, if it took you 10 minutes (600 seconds) to complete and you did 50 push-ups and then 40 push-ups, your score would be: 600 seconds - 90 push-ups = 510 // ANS

Post score to comments.


Matt said...


As Rx'd with 275lbs. Great WOD.

Time: 11:38
Push-ups: 80+50=130
Score: 568

jck said...

225# bar except for last 2 rounds at #185

Time: 12:02
Push-ups: 62
Score: 660

Adam said...

That was a tough one!

I scaled deadlifts to 245 and still struggled at the end.

Push-ups: 70 + 51 = 121
Score: 717.00 (had to get the sig figs!!)

Caleb said...

Went 185# on deadlift because of IOCT tomorrow, I wanted to ensure I could move and hopefully tab.

Push Ups: 80
Score: 434

R.K. Barker said...

Tough one, but fun.

Scaled Deadlifts to 205.

Time: 11:50
Push Ups: 50
Score: 660

Was a little pressed for time, so stopped the push ups when I felt like bending up to rest.

ErinM said...

Had to scale to 53 kg (~117 lb)

My arms are still wrecked from this week, so push-ups were pitiful.

PUs: 28+32
Score: 679

Mickey said...

11:53 (713 sec)

70 pushups + 50 pushups

=539 score

scaled to 225# deads

JC said...

Great WOD!

Scaled DLs to 245

Push-ups: 65 + 55 = 120
Score: 610

Christopher Johnson said...
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jswobe said...

Good WOD.

Time: 16:53
Push-ups: 61 & 32
Score: 920

jswobe said...

By the way...I'm way behind. this WOD is about six weeks old!

I'm never going to catch up at this rate...