Thursday, 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

It will be nice to have the morning crew back together again!  2 modified schedule days in a week is overboard!!

We will meet up in the '62 room, warm-up a bit, discuss the WOD, and then get after it.

Equipment required:  Reflective belt & motivation!  After returning from the run, set-up a few benches and weights as needed.


Run 2 miles for time.

Then rest a few minutes while setting up some benches and weights.

Body weight bench press  (scale weighted as needed; USE A SPOTTER!!)

Cash out:
100 sit-ups for time

NOTE:  2 mile route is 2 laps of the "Lincoln Hall Loop" - Arvin, around Trophy Point, past Lincoln Hall, to the Officer's Club, then cross the street in front of the library, by Patton Statue, across Diagonal Walk, then left to Arvin.

Post time for 2 mile run, number of reps completed of body weight bench press, and time for cash-out to comments.


Nate said...

15:27 run
25x91 bench
3:05 situp (last time we did a 100 cash out it took me 4:30...)

Mickey said...

15:31 run. Definitely need to work on that. I know the course was a little long, but still.

Bench: 160# x 13

didn't have time for the 100 situp cashout

Adam said...

Great run by Chris this morning!


Bench: 19 reps at 185 lbs.

I did a big sit-up workout on Tuesday and my abs are still sore, so I opted out of the cash out.

I should have provided a compare to for a similar WOD in the spring. Different running course, but a good point of comparison:

ErinM said...

Terrible run this morning. 14:13. Really need to run a 2-mile with someone else.

No weight room this morning, so no bench. 2:31 on the sit-ups.

Then made up yesterday's workout. Only did 4 rounds due to the gym closing. 30kg (66lb)and a running loop as long as the Supe's loop. 24:46.

JC said...

A little late on the post:

Started WOD with squat make up from Monday:

FS: 135-155-175-185-205
BS: 155-175-185-205-275

2mile+: 13:40
BWB: 10@185
SU: 2:45

jswobe said...

run: 16:05
bench: 11 (190#)

forgot about the situps...