Monday, 17 SEPTEMBER 2012

Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirts have arrived.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please email me at  They are $20 each. Specify size(s) [small - XL]

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Speaking of Sean - everyone wondered why the '62 room was closed on Friday.  Well it was because former President G. W. Bush was in the house working out.  Sean was able to bust through the Secret Service and make it into the '62 Room and met President Bush.  Great stuff!!!

Okay, on to today's WOD.

This morning we will meet up at Shea Stadium (the outdoor track) at 0540 for a partner running WOD.  This WOD will help those who are wanting to improve their 2 mile run time.

We will meet up, warm-up, and partner up.

Run 800 meters (2 laps)
Rest while partner runs 800 meters.

Post partner's name and number of rounds complete to comments.  1 round = each person runs 2 laps.


Mickey said...

4 full rounds + ~200m at the end.

Good workout. 800s suck

jck said...

4 Full rounds
Fastest Personal 2 mile: 12:40

Nate said...

4 full rounds. Managed a 12:20 2-mile. Now I just need to pull that off for next week's APFT.

Adam said...

It was great to see a big crew out there this morning on a beautiful day to run outside.

Matt and I completed 4 rounds plus about a 250 meter run.

For me: 12:11 2-mile with (3:01; 3:03; 3:03; 3:04)
Matt: 11:57 2-mile (2:49; 3:01; 3:02; 3:05)

ErinM said...

Ran the Cooper Test this morning with my platoon. Run on a track for max distance for 12 minutes.

Fastest mile time for me ever.

3,025 meters in 12 min
(6:07 mile split)

JC said...

Used my invisible clone as a partner for todays WOD. Amazingly he ran the exact same times a me:

5 Rounds

2 Mile: 11:04
3000m: 13:59