Tuesday, 11 SEPTEMBER 2012

Today is September 11, the 11 year anniversary of the terrorist attack that changed our world and our way of life.  I can still remember driving to work as a 2LT at Fort Lewis, WA for PT when I heard about the first plane hitting over the radio.  I was watching live coverage of the event in the C/2-3 IN dayroom when the second plane hit.  For those who might be too young to remember 9-11, I've attached a compilation of news footage from that awful day.  Just as our grandparents will never forget the attack on Pearl Harbor, our generation cannot forget the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or the other plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

For today's WOD we will remember those lost on 9-11-01.  Firemen, police, first responders, and many others who were not in the Towers at the time of the attack subsequently lost their lives while trying to save others inside the buildings.  MAJ Sam Linn organized an event last year to remember those first responders and here is what he had to say: "I am honoring the brave men of 9/11 by remembering one of their most important lessons- they were ready to meet the calling of the day. Like anyone on the front lines of life, the first responders didn't just wake up on 11 September and have the fortitude and heart to run up hundreds of flights of stairs, carry and help thousands to safety, and fight terrorists for control of an airplane. They were ready...and we can honor them by doing the same."

The challenge consists of a 2,730 fo
ot rope climb, to represent climbing the twin towers (1362 and 1368 feet, respectively). For our 15 foot ropes that is 182 rope climbs!  MAJ Linn did this challenge by himself last year.  Check out this amazing video.

At 0530 we will meet in Hayes Gym of Arvin, do a brief warm-up and then split into teams.  As a team we will do 182 rope climbs (or however many you can complete prior to having to take off).  

Uniform:  ACUs with boots.  The boots and pants WILL save your legs.  Bring gloves, tape, or chalk if needed.

Post team member names and time to complete 182 rope climbs to comments.


Mickey said...

No idea how many climbs I did or how long it took us, but that doesn't matter. Amazing what seemingly impossible tasks can get done with teamwork.

My uncle was supposed to be on one of the planes that day, but missed it due to a last minute meeting. I was in 4th grade and my aunt called in a panic, thinking that he had died in the attack.

Thank god he didn't. Never forget 9/11. It's one of the big reasons I decided to come here.

Adam said...

AWESOME SHOWING THIS MORNING!!! Thanks for all those who came out and spread the word!! It was amazing to see such an inspiring team effort! Well said Mickey -

I was a 2LT driving to PT at FT Lewis, unaware that life as we know it was changing as I listened to the news on the radio and then watched the 2nd plane hit live on TV with the soldiers of C/2-3 IN. We drew weapons, NVGs, and grabbed our rucks. We scrambled to get vehicles out of the motor pool and ready to roll out. We thought we were heading to defend Seattle in the event of an attack. We had no ammo, we had no clue, but we wanted to do something, anything to help.
God bless those lost on 9-11-01 and their families and all the men and women lost since that time. NEVER FORGET!