Wednesday, 5 SEPTEMBER 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes)
 - First priority is to grab rubber blocks and start setting up boxes.  Afterwards grab 1 x medicine ball per person and claim space on the black mat near the white board.

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the wall ball shot and then everyone practices
Wall ball points of performance (Adam), demo (Matt)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)

10 x box jumps (24/20)
15 x push-ups
20 x wall ball shots (20/14) at 10' target
25 x sit-ups (APFT standard, feet anchored)

Compare to: 1 DEC 2010

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

Woke up this morning and found out I had a diagnostic APFT this afternoon.

Wish me luck

jck said...

4 rds + Box Jumps + 2 push ups.

Adam said...

great job by a big crew this morning!

4 rounds + 17 sit-ups (rx'd)

I got smoked this morning, but ended up a bit short of my last score on this WOD. Not sure how I could have gone any harder this morning!!

Nate said...

4 rounds, got through the box jumps and pushups, and managed 13 wall ball shots.

Matt said...


I did almost the exact same this time except I added three wall balls. I don't think I could go much faster. For the sake of consistancy and just because it is the way I do things, I did not anchor my feet.

5 rounds + 3 Wallballs (box jumps and push-ups as well obviously)

Mickey said...

Pushups: 94 (PR)
Situps: 82 (1 short of tying PR)
Run: 15:06
Score: 271

Not my best run, but not the worst either. I know now better than ever what i need to work on.

Also ran a mile to warm up before; ended up running a 6:40 which is fast for me. oops.

jswobe said...

5 rds + bj + pu + some wbs...

Good WOD.