Friday, 6 April 2012

Today's WOD is a beast and gives you a chance to compare your current level of fitness with last semester.  Try to push yourself just a little bit harder and go a little bit longer. You will likely not have time to complete today's WOD as rx'd before you have to punch out for morning formation, so do as much as you can before you hit the time when you have to leave.

Barbara - compare to: 30 SEPT 2011

5 Rounds for Time
20 x pull-ups
30 x push-ups
40 x sit-ups (feet anchored; APFT standard)
50 x air squats

Post number of rounds complete and time to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

my shoulders are smoked
have a good easter weekend

Mickey said...


Hands are trashed. Good job mike and raff. you guys were animals this morning. (as is tradition)

Adam said...

Mickey - start taping your hands man!! Chalk works for some, but for me, I've always had to use tape to protect my hands.

I was crushed this morning and my raw tailbone from Wednesday didn't help with the sit-ups.

Suffered through 3 rounds in 20:28 and then had to stop.

Mack said...

did it in the afternoon
Happy Easter everyone!

Mickey said...

Haven't squatted in a while so this afternoon:

Worked up to 245x2, then my legs died.

After, muscle ups:

10 total. Managed to string 3 together, but that was the most at one time.

Matt said...


Before I started the 5th round something came up so Adam and I weren't able to finish. Actually, I think it was for the best because if I would have done the fifth round, I might have ended up flat on my back. My goal was all rounds under four minutes.

1: 3:17
2: 3:51
3: 3:59
4: 3:53

I was smoked after the forth round.

Adam said...

Mickey - you are a beast man...but don't overtrain!!! You need to ensure that you allow your body enough recovery time between work-outs. More isn't always better.

Mickey said...

Maj Grim - I just like to get in a little extra strength work at the end of the week that we didn't cover during the morning wods

ErinM said...

Did this one Saturday morning. And lost a lot of skin on my palms.

44:21 including all of the rest.

Painfully slow, but I did it as Rx'ed!

jswobe said...


5 rounds

6 minutes faster than last time.

(Did this on Saturday, btw)