Thursday, 19 April 2012

AMRAP 2 - bench press with the load equal to your body weight

Spot your buddy and then

Run 2 miles for time (bring your reflective belts and watch out for traffic!)

NOTE:  Use a spotter for the bench press.
NOTE2:  If you are unable to lift your body weight, then scale as needed.
NOTE3:  Run route is a new one for Black and Gold - start and finish at Mac Statue - run down Diagonal Walk, down Thayer Road (past Grant Hall, Mahan, etc.) and keep going until you reach the major intersection just prior to Buffalo Soldiers Field.  Turn around and return to Mac Statue.  See map below.

Post number of reps, load, and then time for the run to comments.  Also, what do you think of the route?


Mickey said...

Today was not my day:

Bench @160: 12 reps

Did ten in under a minute, then I died.

2mi : 15:05.

No excuses there. Haven't been running as much as I should be.

Adam said...

Bench - 20 reps at 190 lbs.

Run: 14:25

Don't feel badly Mickey, the course felt a bit long - I was 2 minutes off of my APFT time and I was pushing it pretty hard this moring. I don't think the Google Maps distance is very accurate - the course was probably more like 2.2 miles if I had to guess based on everyone's time.

MikeRothenb said...

135lb Bench for 21 reps
13:25 for the run

DH said...

I ran the route this afternoon and measured it with my Garmin forerunner at 2.05 miles. Ran it in 13:38. I liked the course.

jswobe said...

Bench: 16 reps @ 190-lbs

Run: 14:02