Monday, 30 April 2012

For Monday's WOD, you have two options:

Option #1 - APFT at Shea Stadium - 0530
AMRAP 2 - push-ups
AMRAP 2 - sit-ups
Run 2 miles for time


Option #2 - meet in the '62 Room, link up with other hard core folks in the morning crew and then meet by Mac Statue.  Find a nice patch of grass to get after it!

5 rounds for time:
20 x burpees
20 x rowers (ab exercise)
Run Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters)

NOTE:  Please post which WOD you plan to do tonight so others know who to expect in the morning.

Post WOD of choice and how you did to comments.


Mickey said...

Option #2

MikeRothenb said...

#2 for me!

Christina said...

Matt and I will be doing Option #1 at Shea. It's gonna be a COLD one!

Christina said...

dang it, posted from my wife's account - Christina = Adam

Mack said...


njc said...

Option 2

ELThomas said...

After a terribly long hiatus from the morning crew, count me in for Option 2

Mickey said...

finished right around 20 minutes give or take about 10 seconds.

Mickey said...


Subbed ab mat sit ups in for rowers

ELThomas said...

21 minutes, but aside from being sick, the worst part was thawing my hands afterwards...ouch

Adam said...

ELThomas - glad you made it back!

APFT went okay, definitely not a PR.

PU = 80
SU = 87
Run = 13:11


A bit chilly, but otherwise nice weather.

ErinM said...

APFT tomorrow, so I scaled on Option 2 to only 3 rounds. 11:04. Thanks for the push from everyone this morning.

jswobe said...

Did option #2 in a giant globo gym and used a treadmill for the runs (for a number of reasons...).

I hate treadmills (for LOTS of reasons).


We could use some squats for weight tomorrow... :-)

MikeRothenb said...

Took the orienteering down to the river courts to do this one. we are prepping for the Brigade Championship next week.
my time was 17:04, but i think it was a little less than 500m