Friday, 27 April 2012

Today we will meet at Shea Stadium for an awesome WOD.  Come one, come all - rain or shine!  Trot on down and meet up at 0540, ready to rock for 20 minutes of track torture!

Tabata Track - 
Sprint 10 seconds, rest in place 20 seconds x 8 rounds (4 minutes total)
REST 2 MINUTES (return to start point)
Sprint 20 seconds, rest in place 10 seconds x 8 rounds (4 minutes total)
REST 2 MINUTES (return to start point)
Sprint 30 seconds, rest in place 30 seconds x 8 rounds (8 minutes total)

NOTE:  For each set of 8 rounds, record your total distance covered - make sure you rest in place (don't walk or jog forward), that way at the end of 8 rounds, you can simply see how far you've gone and that is your 'score' for each set.  Return to the start point after each set of 8 rounds, so it is easy to keep track of your distance.

Post total distance for all sets to comments.


Adam said...

that was a fun one - glad to see a small, but mighty group of cadets out there this morning!

RD 1 - approx. 475 meters
RD 2 - approx. 750 meters
RD 3 - approx. 1175 meters

This of course is assuming I knew which lap I was on!

Mickey said...

I'm not sure about individual rounds but total I had about:

(2400 ± 100)m

or 1.5ish miles

njc said...

Thayer really got the best of me this week. Sorry for being a ghost. 5 more lessons left....

Mickey said...

regionals kicked off today for the CF open.

Updates should be coming out later today if anybody is interested

Also.. Central East Regionals from 11-13 May will be televised on ESPN3 which can be streamed live online.

ErinM said...

430 m, 770 m, 1160 m (~2360)