Thursday, 12 April 2012

12 x front squat (135/95)
12 x burpee-pull-ups (jump to the middle bar or a bar approximately 8" - 12" beyond your reach)

NOTE:  The intent of this WOD is to go a bit heavy.  Scale as needed, but if you find yourself blowing through the front squats without much effort, then bump up the weight a bit.
NOTE2:  Weight starts from the ground - no racks. 
NOTE3:  Using the rack is a smart scaling option if you can't clean the weight.

Post number of rounds complete to comments.


njc said...

as rxd
2 rounds + 10 FS

I wish I could have been more efficient by turning that first clean straight into a squat, but I was too focused on getting the bar up first.
Painfully fun. Thanks for the push this morning guys.

MikeRothenb said...

2 rounds + 10FS and 10 pull-ups

it was slow going, but i like the heavy stuff

Mickey said...

2 rounds + 10 squats

I agree. Good one this morning.

Adam said...

that was miserable - I should have probably scaled to maintain some semblemence of intensity for the last round. Jumping to the middle bar was no joke.

2 rounds + 4 front squats as rx'd

Nice work to the young and spry cadets - you guys make it look too easy!

Mickey said...

Forgot to mention..

Couldn't reach that middle bar so I had to move to a little lower one. So I retract my rx'd and say slightly lower bar for the bp's

njc said...

Also, I apologize to the entire class of '62 for ditching my weight from the front rack during round 2. No disrespect intended!

jswobe said...

3 rounds + 3 front squats

My initial take was "AMRAP 9? Why not 12??"

9 was fine...

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