Thursday, 26 April 2012

Back by popular demand....we are heading to the River Courts to torture ourselves with a black metal staircase known as the "Stairway to Hell!"  Bring your friends, bring your roommate, bring a stranger...but come and join us and get ready to have some serious 'fun.'  The weather is going to be nice (cooler, but dry), so come on down!!!

Let's meet at the River Courts at 0530, partner up, warm-up and then get after it.


Person #1 Run Stairway to Hell (STH)
Person #2 Max reps of knees to elbows & dips in the time that Person #1 runs STH
Switch roles for a total of 20 minutes.

Scoring - 50 points for every completed STH (for partial, you get 25 points if you make it to the top) and 1 point for each KTE or dip completed.

NOTE:  Your team will keep a running total for the KTEs and dips, so be sure to let your partner know the rep count before you switch out!!

Compare to: 25 AUG 2012

Post total points and partner name to comments.


Mickey said...

Early start for class tomorrow. Not sure if i'll be able to make it.

ErinM said...

Mickey, if you want to start at 0530 exactly, we can be done by 0550 and still make it to formation.

Mickey said...

Challenge accepted.

Adam said...

brilliant -
I forgot about the early time for class. I will try to be there right at 0530 to provide some motivation while I warm up!!!

Adam said...

so, I'm still feeling pretty crappy. Not going to make it this morning. sorry ya'll - this stomach bug has gotten me down! Sorry to miss this one!!!!!!

Mickey said...

540 points w/ my roommate.

He separated his shoulder a little bit ago and is not as full capacity yet

Mack said...

563 points for Team Mack and Erin

Matt said...


Great small group this morning. I did it solo. 20 minutes of pure "fun."

I completed 3xSTH and 150 reps (75 per exercise) = 300 pts

MikeRothenb said...

Took my company orienteering team to do this one in the afternoon. My partner and I got 3 STH and 270 reps.

jswobe said...

Did this one on Friday. Mod'd to:

Run to top of my street (100ft rise in 450m)
15 x dips
15 x knees to elbows
20 x walking lunges
15 x knees to elbows
15 x dips

2.5 rounds
285 points (including lunges)