Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Today's WOD is a bit different, but should be a challenge!

Bike 2 miles
25 x weighted pull-ups (20/12)
25 x ring dips
Bike 2 miles

Post time to comments.


njc said...

16:14 as rxd

Mickey said...

13:12 rx'd.

Cashed out w/ 25 weighted dips.

Adam said...

nice work by the morning crew! Mickey, you must've been FLYING on the bike!

I did 17:40 as rx'd on the crappy, slow speed torture bikes. Not sure if it would have helped at all to use the other bikes or not, since my legs were sore from yesterday's WOD.

Today made me realize once again that I can't stand doing 'cardio' on machines indoors - run or bike outside - great, inside on the treadmill or stationary thanks!

Matt said...


I used the crappy bike too. I sub'd weighted dips for regular dips.


Mickey said...

Maj Grim - the spinning bikes must have been much faster than the ones you and Maj Radik used.