Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I hope Grad Week is treating everyone alright so far!  Come on down to the '62 Room at 0530 if you can break away!  Another tribute to the Class of 2012!

5 Rounds for time:
20 x wall ball shots (12 lbs.)
20 x overhead medicine ball lunges (12 lbs.)
20 x weighted sit-ups (12 lbs.)

NOTE:  For lunges one step equals one rep (so left foot, then right foot is 2 reps)
NOTE2:  For overhead med. balls lunges you should have arms locked out with ball directly overhead.
NOTE3:  weighted sit-ups - ball tucked under your chin, resting on your chest

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

It was great to see Mike, Matt, Chelley, and Patrick there this morning! Nice work by everyone on a tough one.

I scaled up to 20 lbs.


Lunges were tough and I had to rest the ball on my head for some of the lunges!!

Matt said...


Great WOD.

Scaled up to 20lbs: 12:32

MikeRothenb said...

figured i would show my face for the 2012 WODS. Nick, I dont remember seeing you there. ;)

scaled up to 20lbs. finished in 12:00.

Mickey said...

Hope all is going well and that I'll be able to stop by at least once this week.

I don't know if anybody remembers, but I put a link to a start up CrossFit magazine a few months ago. Well the company raised the money they needed and is now publishing a monthly CrossFit magazine. I think its pretty cool and wanted to share it with everyone.

The link to the site is here if anyone wants to check it out:

they offer both print and digital subscriptions.

Mickey said...


^^ thats the link. I'm not sure why it had http twice in the first comment. Sorry about that.