Thursday, 24 May 2012

Today's WOD is a bit different, so pay attention.  Partner up with someone who is about your same size.  One person works, while the other person rests/spots their partner.  Only ONE partner is allowed to work at a given time.  Max score will come from those teams that can rapidly transition from one exercise to the next. Each person does each exercise before moving on to the next exercise (or round).

Partner AMRAP 20
12 x Bench press (body weight)
12 x Deadlift (body weight + 50 lbs.)

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed.  It should be challenging, but not your one rep max!!
NOTE2:  Person A does 12 x bench press, then Person B does 12 x bench, then Person A does 12 x DL, then Person B does 12 x DL - that is ONE round.  Do max rounds in 20 minutes.

Post partner's name and total number of rounds and partial rounds complete.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Matt and I partnered up and did bench at 185# and deadlift at 235#.

4 rounds + Matt did 6 reps on bench.

Matt was rocking on the DLs and I rocked the bench, so our powers combined would have been really impressive.

Nice work by PJ, Chelley, and JJ!