Wednesday, 9 May 2012 (Partner WOD #3)

We are half-way through our final week together!  Bring a friend and come on down to the '62 room.

Partner WOD #3

5 Rounds for time

Person A - AMRAP 2 - 3 x power cleans (135/95), 6 x hand release push-ups, and 9 air squats
Person B - rest, cheer, and help count reps and rounds

After 2 minutes, switch roles and after each has done both, that's ONE round complete.  After 2 minutes your partner picks up where you left off (i.e. if you have done 3 rounds plus 2 hand-release push-ups when 2 minutes is up, your partner starts on push-up #3 and continues on).

Continue process for total of 5 rounds (20 minutes total - each person will do 5 sets of work (10 minutes) and have 5 periods of rest (10 minutes).

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed.

Post partner's name and total number rounds to comments.


njc said...

Justin (as Rxd) and Nick (scaled to 115#)

30 rounds + 6 Air Squats

Celebrity appearance by J-Weezy... doesn't get much more motivating than that. Thanks for the intensity

Mickey said...

Tweaked my back yesterday during the buddy carries. Decided to take a day off to try and heal.

Brigade championship grappling this afternoon at 1630.

My company vs. Jared's if anybody is interested in a good fight.

Adam said...

It was great to see Justin there this morning tearing it up! Great job by Erin pushing through solo! Mickey, sorry to hear about your back - you missed a great one today.

Matt and I as rx'd
30 rounds + 3 power cleans

ErinM said...

Scaled down to 65# (then 75 on the last round).

15 rounds + 2 power cleans.

I really wasn't going solo with everyone else there!

njc said...

just looked at our paper again, and it seems we actually did 31 rounds + 6 squats.

Adam said...

a recount..what is this Florida? j/k..nice work!

hopefully J-Wheezy will be in the house in the will be a SMOKER!!!!!