Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I hope TEEs are going well!  This one goes out to the members of USMA '12 that are getting ready to graduate!  All next week we will have 2012 themed WODs!  Watch out!

here is a blast from the past:

5 rounds for time:
12 x ring push-ups
12 x kettlebell swings (53/26)
12 x goblet squats (53/26)
Ride 1/2 mile on the bike

Compare to: 2 NOV 2011

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Mickey said...


~2.5 minutes faster than last time. The first bike was awful. Probably should have tried it out before but that thing really needed some oil or something. Had to switch for the last 4. Darn those screens and buttons

Adam said...


I also shaved off about 2 minutes of my time. Goblet squats were the limiting factor for me!

Nice push by the morning crew on a tough one! Bike wasn't as annoying as I remember, but still not my favorite activity!

Matt said...



Next time we need to increase the push-ups.