Friday, 25 May 2012


come on down and bring a partner!

Partner up, one person works, while one person rests and cheers.

Complete 2 rounds for the following:

21 x pull-ups
21 x burpee box jumps (20" box)
21 x partner back squats
21 x burpee box jumps (20" box)
21 x pull-ups
then switch

This is a redo of the WOD we did a few weeks back.  If you already did the WOD for Warriors, then come on down, help cheer, and then spend the time working on gymnastic skills that you are lacking in - muscle-ups, rope climbs, handstands, etc. etc. or if you want, you can certainly do it again!!

Post partner's name and time to comments.

1 comment:

Adam said...

Great job by Lou, John, Chelley, and Josh on WOD for Warriors today!! I was happy to cheer them on!