Friday, 4 May 2012

Today we are doing something a bit different - we are running outdoors, going a little distance, and doing it for time.  Not the standard 5km route, so pay attention!

We will meet up at 0530 at Mac Statue, warm-up a bit, and then step off.  Here is the course: Mac Statue, head towards the Catholic Chapel, left up the hill towards Lusk Reservoir follow the road to Buffalo Soldier Field, make a left on Thayer Road, down to South Dock, to the River Courts, up the Stairway to Hell, take a right at the top, past Kosciusko's Monument, past Trophy Point, and back to Mac Statue.  Not sure how long it is, but probably around 3.5 - 4 miles with a bunch of hills.

If you need to cut the route short because of time, you can go straight from the top of the Stairway to Hell across by the library to the barracks for a shortcut.  Don't be late for formation!

Check out this link for the map: Run Route

Bring your reflective belt and see you there!


Adam said...

we will postpone today's WOD until tomorrow due to the thunder storms. Take a rest day this morning and then run this route on Saturday morning.

I hate to postpone, but the lightning is not worth it. Hopefully everyone gets this message! Sorry ya'll!

Mickey said...

Oops.. Sorry Sir. We did not see this.

This morning instead of the run outside we went up to the track in Hayes.

Partner A: Run 2 laps
Partner B: Rest

Mickey & Andrew: 31.5 laps
Mike & Eric: 31 laps

11.7 laps = 1 mile

Adam said...

Mickey, Andrew, Mike, & Eric -

You all are awesome! Way to go getting in and there and getting after it!

Sorry to have postponed today, but with the rain and lightening I didn't think anyone would roll out of the rack...I guess I was wrong!

Nice work!

Mickey said...

Sir -

Nothing like a hot cup of crossfit in the morning. I can't wake up without it now.

Adam said...

I made up the run today - decent course and stairway at the end was rough!