Thursday, 17 May 2012

Today will be one of the last days for most of our cadets as they finish up TEEs and go on a well-deserved TEE leave.

We will do another blast from the past with a slight twist.

For time:

25 x ground to overhead (115/75)
Run 1 mile** (new course, probably longer than 1 mile)
10 x ground to overhead (115/75)
Run 500 meters (Supt's Loop)

Compare to:

NOTE:  The run route is different and an extra 500 meters is added, so your time will likely not be close to what it was.
NOTE2:  The "1" mile route is a new one called the "Lincoln Hall Loop" - run out of Arvin, around Trophy Point, past Kozcuisko's Monument, past Lincoln Hall, and just prior to reaching Thayer Hall, cut across the street (watch for cars!), run by Patton Statue, to Diagonal Walk, between Supt's House and Mac Barracks, to the front of Arvin.  If anyone has a GPS watch, please see how long this course is. 
NOTE3:  For ground to overhead the weight goes from the ground to fully extended overhead.  You can use any technique you wish to get it there as long as it is mechanically sound and safe. 

Post time and thoughts on the new run route to comments.


Mickey said...

I was wearing myself out with all the TEEs and stuff so I took a rest day this morning. Hope all went well

Adam said...

Mickey - no worries man, sleep has to take priority every once in a while, especially during TEEs. You missed a good one!

Great to see JJ, Lou, and Erin there this morning working hard!

As for me, 15:49 as rx'd.

I like the new run route. According to Lou, it was 1.1 miles - so it will probably enter the mix for legit running routes in order to change things up a bit.

I started with ghetto muscle snatches and quickly transitioned to clean and jerk. Last set of 10 unbroken, rather happy when compared to last time. Forgot to post the 'compare to' link, i will find and update later, but last time I was around 13:50 or something and that was without the added 500m and the shorter running course.

Adam said...

The compare to date was 29 September - looks like we all used the treadmill (weather was nasty).

ErinM said...


4 at 75#, then the rest at 65#

Best I've ever done with a lot of Ground to Overheads!