Monday, 7 May 2012 (Partner WOD #1)

Well, it's the beginning of the of the Academic Year and the Class of 2012 are almost out the door.  This is the final week that everyone will likely be together for the morning crew since next week we have TEEs and then Grad Week.  Partner up and join us for an entire week of partner WODs!


5-5-5 Partner Deadlift - You and your partner have 7 minutes to reach a heavy triple of 5 reps of the partner deadlift.  For the Partner Deadlift, both individuals are on the barbell at the same time and working together to lift the weight.  Check out the video from Regionals this year showing how it's done -



Partner barbell carry (135 lbs.) - 20 feet down, 20 feet back - carry it however you want, but the ENTIRE barbell has to go around the cone and return to the start point.
20 x partner weighted sit-ups (20 lbs.) - for this event, partners interlock their feet, one person does a standard weighted sit-up and at the top hands the ball off to the partner who does a sit-up with the ball.  After BOTH individuals have done this, you have completed ONE rep.

NOTE:  Scale weight as necessary to match the fitness level of your team.

Post partner's name, loads for partner deadlift, and number of rounds complete to comments.


Mickey said...

w/ Andrew:

DL: 365, 405, 455 then we ran out of time

AMRAP: 4 rounds + 1 complete carry

Adam said...

great to see 2 mighty teams there this for the rest...hmmmm.

Barbell carry should have been time it shall be!

I had to go solo so I modified a bit to:
5-5-5 Deadlift
Farmer's Carry (2 x 70# KBS) 20 feet down and back
40 x sit-ups (20 weighted, 20 unweighted)

3 rounds + 15 weighted sit-ups

MikeRothenb said...

haha, yeah I wimped out.
I made it up later in the morning with a different workout

row 500m
10x clean and jerk 95lb
row 500m
8x C&J 115lb
row 500m
6x C&J 135lb
row 500m
4x C&J 155lb


njc said...

Nick & Erin (good push!)


AMRAP: 3 rounds + ~15ft carry

Mickey said...

Nick i think you counted wrong, i'm pretty sure you got 4 rounds because you were right behind us.

njc said...

4 sounds better to me!