Monday, 21 May 2012

Grad Week is here - it's the beginning of the end for the Class of 2012.   I know cadets will be hit or miss this week with early formations, drill, ceremonies, etc., so hopefully we can see everyone at some point or another.  The WODs this week will have a 2012-theme.

Today we will meet up in the '62 room, warm-up briefly, and then do something different - SWIM!  Bring your swim trunks, a towel, goggles (if you prefer), a speedo (if you dare), and anything else you need to swim.  If the pool is closed for some odd reason, we will find a proper substitute, so be sure to have your normal work-out clothes just in case.

Grad Week WOD #1:
Swim max distance in 20:12.

NOTE:  Swim any strokes you'd like, rest as needed, and have fun doing something a bit different!  CrossFit is all about being 'constantly varied' so get outside of your comfort zone a swim!

Post total distance to comments.


Adam said...

wow, that was humbling!

I haven't had to swim that far since I was a plebe!

33.5 laps (837.5 yards; each lap is 25 yards) I used a variety of different strokes, but mainly breath stroke and side-stroke.

Great to see Chelley there this morning.

jswobe said...

Catching up on old WODS...

(I did this on Monday, Jun 18)

Started w/ some squats & shoulder presses, then swam for 15 minutes b/c swimming kills me. I'm looking forward to more swimming WODS to help this rock swimmer out...