Friday, 18 May 2012

Well it's the end of TEE week - hopefully everyone has survived and beaten the Dean!!  For the few that remain at WP for a Friday TEE, come on down to the '62 room and join us for a fun one!  We will warm up and then move to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

If you are already on TEE leave, then find a set of monkey bars and do this WOD!!!!

Monkey Bar Madness!

5 rounds for total reps:

Hang from the monkey bars (aka 'horizontal ladder' for you DPE-types!), do a pull-up, then go the next bar, and repeat the sequence.  Continue the process until you either can't get your chin above the bar or you can't make it to the next bar.  Once you fall off, rest for 2 minutes and repeat the sequence a total of 5 times.

NOTE:  You can use any method you'd like (i.e. kipping, strict, etc.) and any hand grip you prefer (i.e. hands facing towards, away, or mixed) as long as you go from locked out at the bottom to chin above the bar. 
NOTE2:  Watch your head!  Don't crack your head on the bars!!!
NOTE3:  If you reach the end of the monkey bars, turn around and go for the return trip!  No feet authorized for the turn around of course!!

Post number of reps completed per round and total reps to comments.


Adam said...

oh boy, that was fun. My hands were not a big fan of that one, I'm REALLY glad I taped them!

Great job by Erin, Mickey, Matt, and JJ hanging tough!

11+8+8+7+7 = 41

My goal next time is to make it all the way across the first round and then hit at least 50 total.

Matt said...


My hands are still screaming at me. That was fun to do with others suffering right along with you.

My total score was 46.

I believe it broke down like this:
14-8-9-9-6 or something close.

Mickey said...


Went back after bfast and a nap:
Bench: 5/3/1 @ 175#
OHS: Worked up to 155x1
20# Ring Dips: 9,6,5,4, then 7 w/out weight.

Hopefully they'll let me do some FOB/patrol base crossfit at CLDT