Monday, 1 APRIL 2013

Announcements - today we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up; grab some rings and help set them up when you arrive.  The intent is to do a very fast WOD and then have time available to work on your goats (things that you struggle with - muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, ring dips, etc.)

Equipment required - rings set to about 6 inches off the ground

Warm-up and instruction - rather self-explanatory this morning for the WOD, so do an individual warm-up


4 rounds for time:
15 x ring push-ups (scale = hand release push-ups)
30 x sit-ups (APFT standard)


now that you are warmed up, spend 10-15 minutes working on one or more of your gymnastic goats!  This is not a time to simply leave early, skip out, etc. - this should be a time when you focus on improving a weakness.

Post time for WOD and goat activities to comments.


Nate said...

4:49, RXd.

Spent my 15 working on muscle-ups and handstand push-ups. Made a little progress with the HSPU. MUs are a different story...

R.K. Barker said...

Did the WOD to help prepare against Navy, Chandler created it and we did it in the wrestling room. After a warm up we did:

800 m run
5 cross room medicine ball throws (60 lbs)
30 strict pull ups
3 stairway to heavens
50 hand-release pushups
3 cross room frog hops
400 m run

I did it in 27:43, it was pretty aweful.

Caleb McDaniel said...

Did the same workout to prepare for Navy. I got 29:49 and lost about 10 seconds when my treadmill quite working. I also used a 50lbs med ball(ran out of 60lbs). Nate I can help you out tomorrow morning on MU.

Matt said...


5:47. I took the time to run over to the mat.

jck said...

4:47 as rx'd

worked on HSPU. Goal before I graduate is to do a set.

Adam said...

small, but mighty crew this morning!

6:12 with feet unanchored on the sit-ups;

spent time working on handstand holds, bar muscle-ups (still a fat zero accomplished), and grip strength; finished off with 4 rounds of Row 500 meters, rest 2 minutes - untimed, but kept to an average of 1:56 per 500m.

jswobe said...


what the heck happened there? that was a lot harder than I expected it to be

worked on muscle-ups...